NOTICE: Applications to Stream 1 and Stream 2 of the Plastics Action Fund are now closed.

CleanBC Plastics Action Fund Phase 1

Plastics Action Fund Phase 1 Recipients

The CleanBC Plastics Action Fund was first established by the Government of British Columbia at the end of 2020. This $5M fund bolstered the province’s developing circular economy by providing funding to British Columbia-based businesses that are working to either reduce reliance on virgin plastics or make better use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics. Alacrity Cleantech has administered this fund in partnership with circular economy subject matter experts from Synergy Foundation and our governmental partners.

Merlin Plastics 

Merlin Plastics used its CleanBC Plastics Action Fund capital to upgrade its plastics recycling equipment and add an extruder to increase processing capacity at its Delta facility. These changes, in combination, increase Merlin’s processing capabilities at its Delta facility by 18 million pounds per year.

KC Recycling

As a car battery recycling plant located in BC’s Kootenay region, KC Recycling was enabled, through CleanBC Plastics Action Fund capital, to upgrade their equipment. These upgrades make it possible for KC Recycling to produce a higher-grade end-product that helps move BC closer to having a fully-functioning circular economy for car batteries.


Metaspectral’s project created a computer vision, robotics, and artificial intelligence system to enable the accurate sorting of consumer waste. This system was designed to be installed on recycling processing lines in order to enable the user to sort plastics in real-time to a high degree of accuracy. In addition, a web-based dashboard was to be developed to aggregate data and display results to customers.

Recycling Alternative

Recycling Alternative offers highly localized urban solutions for processing PCR plastic in Vancouver and reducing GHG emissions associated with transporting waste. Through their CleanBC Plastics Action Fund project, Recycling Alternative has invested in new equipment which increases their recycled plastics processing capacity substantially.

Reclaim Plastics

Reclaim Plastics focuses on recycling plastics in vehicles damaged in accidents or at the end of their product life (end-of-life vehicles). Reclaim Plastics is using its CleanBC Plastics Action Fund capital towards scaling up its operations so that they have a greater capacity to recycle more plastics and sell the raw materials to actors looking to use PCR plastics instead of virgin plastics.

Flipside Plastics

Flipside Plastics set out to collect used coffee cup lids and transform them into post-consumer plastic soap dishes, piloting an innovative full-circle micro-recycling program. The Flipside Plastics team collected all the coffee cup lids by bicycle within the urban city centre of Victoria, BC, and partnered with local businesses to establish a streamlined collection process.

The Rogerie

The Rogerie uses 3D-printing to produce everyday products from 100% recycled Canadian plastic waste. The Rogerie’s CleanBC Plastics Action Fund project involved purchasing a small injection molding machine and conducting product development with a new range of recycled plastic types. This project has ultimately enabled them to develop new, in-demand, 3D printed products.

Plascon Plastics

Plascon Plastics project centred around designing child safe packaging for cannabis products from recycled materials. Plascon’s project enables the company to become a one-stop-shop supplier for customers looking to use eco-friendly packaging solutions.

KOEL Society

KOEL Society takes virgin plastics from their community and transforms it into recycled plastic products that can be sold back to the community. By completing the loop of plastics use they are able to reduce the amount of plastics ending up in landfill and are able to reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation of plastic waste.