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Properly managing and reporting on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is becoming crucial for Canadian SMEs to attract capital, build resilience, retain talent, gain competitive advantage in net-zero supply chains and improve their societal impact.


This course is specifically designed for small and medium-size companies (SMEs) and startups in all industries across BC, that want to be at the forefront of the net zero transition by adopting sound ESG practices and reporting on their ESG impact.

Module 1: Introduction to ESG
  • What is ESG? Who cares about ESG?
  • How ESG affects financial performance
  • Global and national trends in ESG
  • ESG reporting frameworks and standards
Module 2: Deep Dive in Environmental Factors
  • Materiality of environmental (E) factors for SMEs
  • Measuring and reporting on E factors
  • Strategies for SMEs to manage E factors
  • Case studies
Module 3: Deep Dive in Governance Factors
  • Materiality of governance (G) factors for SMEs
  • Measuring and reporting on G factors
  • Key governance considerations for SMEs
  • Case studies
Module 4: Deep Dive in Social Factors
  • Materiality of social (S) factors for SMEs
  • Measuring and reporting on S factors
  • Strategies for SMEs to manage S factors
  • Case Studies
Module 5: From ESG to Impact
  • Single vs double materiality (outcome – driven)
  • Setting impact goals for your business
  • Impact management & measurement for SMEs
  • Strategies for SDG alignment and story telling
Module 6: Workshop #1
  • Identify material ESG issues for your company
  • Find relevant ESG metrics for your business
  • Practice with a custom ESG reporting tool
  • Analyze your baseline ESG score
  • Set targets and prepare your action plan 
Module 6: Workshop #2
  • Reflect on your company’s impact goals 
  • Identify relevant impact metrics
  • Practice with an impact reporting tool
  • Communicate your impact story
Participant Presentations
  • Present your ESG and impact assessment (from workshops) and action plan
  • Receive feedback from a panel of instructors and expert guests


Understand WHY and HOW to integrate ESG and impact considerations into your business strategy. Learn how to communicate your impact using relevant and decision-useful metrics for investors and other stakeholders.


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