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Cleantech Insights from “Leaders in Cleantech” Podcast Host, David Hunt

Welcome to season three of Cleantech Talks! In episode one of this season, we talk to David Hunt, CEO at Hyperion Executive Search and host of the Leaders in Cleantech podcast. David shares his experience and insights about the cleantech space in Canada, as well as internationally, from his experience as an entrepreneur, mentor, advocate, and CEO in this important and exciting sector.

In This Episode of the Cleantech Talks podcast

Our host, Sofie Campbell, talks to David about his entry into the cleantech space, starting a solar power company in 2007 after a chance conversation at his daughter’s school. We also get into what David thinks is unique about this sector and how its disruptive nature and rapid pace tends to cause challenges for policymakers. Sharing his insights about the Canadian cleantech ecosystem and how it compares to other markets, David also discusses his experience as a mentor with Foresight Canada and comments on the support that accelerators like Foresight and Alacrity’s Cleantech Program provide to emerging cleantech companies, as well as what more can be done to continue to grow the sector. Find his take on the hydrogen economy, the recent IPCC report, and what he most enjoys about hosting the Leaders in Cleantech podcast by listening to the full episode above.

The image shows a picture of rolling hills and a forest with the text "Cleantech Talks, an Alacrity Canada podcast" on the left and a headshot of David Hunt, CEO of Hyperion Executive Search and host of the Leaders in Cleantech podcast, who was the guest on this episode, on the right.

David Hunt shares his knowledge and insights about the cleantech sector in Canada and around the world, including his take on what’s next for the space and how policymakers, industry, and the average person all play a role.

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