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Exploring Cosmic-Ray Muon Tomography with Ideon Technologies

In season two, episode eight of Cleantech Talks, host and Alacrity Canada senior advisor Peter Van Der Gracht talks to Gary Agnew, CEO of Ideon Technologies, about how cosmic-ray muon tomography is transforming the mining industry.

Ideon Technologies got its start at Canada’s national particle accelerator centre, TRIUMF, at the University of British Columbia. The company is a pioneer in the application of cosmic-ray muon tomography for subsurface imaging, with a particular focus on applications in the mining industry. Gary Agnew is the company’s CEO and one of three co-founders, bringing his over 25 years of experience providing equipment, technology, and services to the mining industry. Gary joined the team in March of 2020 and led the efforts to secure $1.3M in seed funding by July of that year.

In this Episode of Cleantech Talks

Starting with a crash course in what cosmic-ray muon tomography is and how it works, this episode of Cleantech Talks focuses on the potential of this BC-born innovation to transform the global mining sector. Peter and Gary discuss how this innovative technology provides unprecedented subsurface intelligence that can help reduce environmental impacts in the exploratory phase of mining, while increasing certainty and, ultimately, profitability. The conversation also touches on Ideon’s origin story, with Gary explaining how the concept came to be and how Ideon developed into a company to advance the commercial viability of the product by miniaturizing the muon detection hardware by fifty times. He discusses the company’s values and business model, providing “certainty-as-a-service” to customers through partnerships and collaboration, while bridging the gap between academia and industry.

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Peter talks to Gary of Ideon Technologies about how the company began and how their cosmic-ray muon tomography technology can be applied to the mining industry.

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