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How Plugzio and Audette Use Energy Consumption and Efficiency to Power Their Platforms

In season two, episode four of Cleantech Talks, host and Alacrity Canada senior advisor Peter Van Der Gracht talks to Mohammad Akhlaghi, CEO of Plugzio, and Christopher Naismith, CEO of Audette, about their companies and how they use energy consumption data to build their platforms.

Plugzio is a Vancouver-based company that focuses on providing affordable, simple, and scalable electric mobility charging. Plugzio’s services can be used to enhance parking options for electric modes of transportation at residential or professional buildings or multi-unit properties, as well as on a larger scale in cities or at universities and airports. The platform provides users with the ability to monitor, manage, and monetize access to the electricity needed to charge electric vehicles like cars, e-bikes, e-scooters, and electric motorcycles.

Audette is an energy efficiency platform based in Victoria, BC. The team behind the company has years of experience finding energy waste and implementing cleantech solutions for large commercial building portfolios. Using state-of-the-art techniques and analysis of a building’s digital data, millions in energy efficiency investments can be unlocked and tracked.

In this episode of Cleantech Talks

Hear about the entrepreneurial journeys of these two CEOs as they use their past career experiences to build their companies and improve their platform’s technologies. The conversation touches on a day in the life of an entrepreneur, how saving energy plays a part in the everyday life of most people, and how the attitudes around energy consumption are intertwined with saving money. Also listen to what impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on these two businesses and how utilities and governments both help and hinder progress. Find out how financing plays a role in development and what type of dynamic is created in the sector when it comes to incentives versus processes. The discussion ends with some thoughtful notes on the future of energy consumption, energy efficiency, and how we can use clean technologies to speed up the shift towards more effective energy use.

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Peter talks to Mohammad of Plugzio and Christopher of Audette about their cleantech companies and how their platforms use energy consumption data to drive people towards better energy use habits that improve efficiency.

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