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Interview with Devesh Bharadwaj and Dr. Ian MacDonald of Pani Energy

Our latest podcast series is called “Cleantech Talk”, focusing on the growing cleantech sector. We’ll be talking to CEOs of cleantech startups, as well as advisors and investors, to find out how this exciting space is developing.

In this episode, we talk to Devesh Bharadwaj and Dr. Ian MacDonald of Pani Energy. Devesh, CEO of the company, began researching water treatment during his time as a student at the University of Victoria. He founded Pani Energy in an effort to bring advanced system design and Artificial Intelligence to lift the state-of-the-art and reduce operational costs associated with extracting fresh water from non-fresh sources.

Devesh Bharadwaj and Dr. Ian MacDonald of Pani Energy

Devesh Bharadwaj and Dr. Ian MacDonald of Pani Energy.

Dr.MacDonald is the former President of the Canadian National Centre of Excellence in Photonics. He has extensive experience in transferring research technologies to commercialization. He’s also currently Chairman of Pani Energy, overseeing Pani’s strategy for business execution and technology development in the water and energy sector.

Listen to this episode to hear Devesh and Ian discuss:

  • Pani Energy’s goals in the energy and water sectors;
  • how the company develops advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and system design to disrupt these sectors, without disrupting their foundational infrastructures;
  • lessons learned from developing hardware and software in the cleantech space;
  • working directly with treatment plants on a business-to-business scale;
  • how the cleantech space has shaped Devesh’s entrepreneurial journey and how the sector has evolved since Pani’s beginnings;
  • Pani’s efforts in combating climate change and developing technologies that have a low barrier to implementation.

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