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Interview with Dr. Joel Rogers of Progressive Fusion Solutions

Our latest podcast series is called “Cleantech Talk”, focusing on the growing cleantech sector. We’ll be talking to CEOs of cleantech startups, as well as advisors and investors, to find out how this exciting space is developing.

In this episode, we’re talking to Dr. Joel Rogers, a senior nuclear physicist and Chief Scientist at Progressive Fusion Solutions in Vancouver. His work contributes to the commercialization of fusion reactors that provide clean, safe, and inexhaustible electricity.

Dr. Joel Rogers, Chief Scientist at Progressive Fusion Solutions.

Listen to this episode to hear Joel discuss:

  • what “magnetic cusp inertial electrostatic confinement fusion reactors,” also known as Polywell reactors, are and how they work,
  • how these reactors differ from the nuclear reactors in use today,
  • Polywell patents held by Dr. Rogers and how they help make advancements in the technology,
  • how widespread adoption of Polywell could change the energy landscape,
  • what Progressive Fusion Solutions hopes to achieve with Polywell in the future.

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