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Interview with Sam Samida-Pugh of Progressive Fusion Solutions

Our latest podcast series is called “Cleantech Talk”, focusing on the growing cleantech sector. We’ll be talking to CEOs of cleantech startups, as well as advisors and investors, to find out how this exciting space is developing.

In this episode, we talk to Sam Samida-Pugh, CEO of Progressive Fusion Solutions, a fusion technology company. Sam founded PFS in an effort to develop the world’s first net-gain fusion generator, after planning to build a fusion reactor for a school science fair at the age of 16. Earlier this year, he received the Young Entrepreneur Award in the British Columbia region for the 2019 edition of the Startup Canada Awards.

Sam Samida-Pugh, CEO of Progressive Fusion Solutions.

Listen to this episode to hear Sam discuss:

  • how “ageism” has played a part in his entrepreneurial journey;
  • how Progressive Fusion Solutions started and what the company aims to achieve;
  • what the Polywell reactor is and how it works;
  • using an alternative method, inertial electrostatic confinement (IEC), to produce energy;
  • why IEC is less known or employed in the traditional fusion sector;
  • securing funding for a cleantech startup company;
  • how he and the team plan to develop PFS over the next decade.

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