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Interview with Sean Bourquin of First Light Technologies

Our latest podcast series is called “Cleantech Talk”, focusing on the growing cleantech sector. We’ll be talking to CEOs of cleantech startups, as well as advisors and investors, to find out how this exciting space is developing.

In this episode, Sean Bourquin, CEO of First Light Technologies, tells us about the solar-powered lighting space. Sean’s been at the helm of First Light for a decade now and has seen how the technology has evolved over time. The products made and sold by the company work to make communities safer and more usable when it’s dark out.

Sean Bourquin, CEO of First Light Technologies.

Listen to this episode to hear Sean discuss:

  • how being CEO of First Light Technologies for a decade has shaped Sean’s entrepreneurial journey,
  • how the market has changed over the last decade and how the term “cleantech” fits into the change,
  • why solar lighting “used to suck” and how evolution in the sector has made it suck less,
  • what First Light’s products are and how they can be used,
  • how the products are helping create “safer, more usable communities,”
  • standing behind your product and delivering on your promise of service, even if it means carrying a ladder across the Mojave Desert in June,
  • the future of solar lighting and hopes for cleantech’s further development.

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This series will also feature conversations with:

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