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Investing in the Cleantech Sector

In season two, episode two of Cleantech Talks, host and Alacrity Canada senior advisor Peter Van Der Gracht talks to Sarah Applebaum, Partner at Pangaea Ventures, and Kathryn Wortsman, Managing Partner at Amplify Capital, about investing in the cleantech sector and how the COVID19 pandemic has impacted opportunities.

Pangaea Ventures is a venture capitalist firm based in Vancouver, BC. Established in 2000, the team looks for and invests in entrepreneurs and advanced materials that have the ability to solve some of the world’s most fundamental challenges. The fund’s impact model uses the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to track, measure, and assess investment opportunities, focusing on later-stage companies that are at the point of seeking Series A funding and beyond.

Amplify Capital operates in the impact investment space as well, with a focus on Seed stage clean technology companies. Based in Toronto, Ontario, the firm was formerly known as the MaRS Catalyst Fund and is a Certified B Corporation. The team seeks out and primarily invests in Canadian mission-driven teams that are developing scalable solutions that are both highly profitable and sustainable.

In this episode of Cleantech Talks

Discussing investment sweet spots, early-stage and late-stage investment criteria, due diligence, and what they look for when assessing a cleantech opportunity, these three investors share insights about impact investment. The conversation also touches on the effects of the COVID19 pandemic on the sector and what adjustments have been made in order to evaluate companies virtually. Listen to the podcast episode to find out more about impact investing, what investors look for in opportunities, and what advice entrepreneurs in cleantech should heed when starting to raise capital.

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Peter, Sarah, and Kathryn discuss investing in the cleantech sector and the role that impact investors play in assessing and funding clean technology companies.

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