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Marketing in Cleantech with First Light Technologies and Ocean Diagnostics

In season two, episode six of Cleantech Talks, host, Alacrity Canada Digital Marketing Bootcamp facilitator, and CEO of Jetstream Digital Agency, Mike Williams, talks to Sean Bourquin, CEO of First Light Technologies, and Ashleigh Erwin, Director of Marketing & Communications at Ocean Diagnostics, about how their companies approach developing and implementing marketing strategies in the cleantech space.

This episode was recorded in the fall of 2020.

First Light Technologies is a Victoria-based company that designs and manufactures solar-powered LED lighting products that enable improved safety and usability in a wide range of applications. Sean has been at the helm of First Light since the company was founded in 2009 and has seen the solar market grow and change over the decade that he’s been in the industry.

Ocean Diagnostics is also based in Victoria, BC. The startup company is entering their second year of operations, focusing on developing technology and data analysis services that help tackle the problem of microplastics pollution in the oceans. Ashleigh leads the marketing and brand strategies for the company as they identify, educate, and market to their target customers which include the likes of scientists, governments, environmental agencies, and even everyday citizens.

In this episode of Cleantech Talks

This episode of Cleantech Talks delves into the strategies and trends behind marketing in cleantech and how these two companies in different areas are tackling the challenges of everything from COVID19 to climate change. Hear about how digital marketing plays a role in overall marketing strategies, particularly as interactions, sales, and product demonstrations have all had to move to virtual settings. Get perspectives from a company that’s been in the market for over ten years, as well as a startup company that is in the midst of identifying their target market. The conversation also touches on the purpose behind marketing a business, the impact that the pandemic has had on marketing strategies, and how the future of marketing in cleantech might evolve.

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Mike talks to Sean of First Light Technologies and Ashleigh of Ocean Diagnostics about their approaches to marketing in the cleantech space and how their marketing strategies have been impacted by the global pandemic.

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