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Monitoring the Oceans and Coastlines with Ocean Diagnostics and MarineLabs

In season two, episode five of Cleantech Talks, host and Alacrity Canada senior advisor Peter Van Der Gracht talks to Dean Wenham, CEO of Ocean Diagnostics, and Scott Beatty, CEO of MarineLabs, about their companies and how their technologies are used to monitor our oceans, protect coastlines, and contribute to the blue economy. This episode was recorded in the fall of 2020.

Ocean Diagnostics is a Victoria, BC-based startup that is developing technologies to help tackle the problem of microplastics pollution in our oceans. With estimates placing plastic in the ocean as more common than fish by the year 2050, Ocean Diagnostics is developing and offering technologies and services that enable scientists, governments, environmental agencies and even everyday citizens to collect and analyze data about oceans and waterways.

MarineLabs is also based in Victoria, BC. The company is transforming how we interact with the changing ocean by providing real-time data and analysis from fleets of compact, rugged, cloud connected marine sensors. Using high-resolution real-time information coupled with powerful processing algorithms on wind, wave, and other sensor data, MarineLabs is optimizing maritime operations, improving marine safety, and building coastal resilience.

In this episode of Cleantech Talks

Starting with how the two founders got started in the oceantech space, this episode covers a lot of ground. Hear about how a pharmaceutical professional entered the sector and how a surf bum turned his passion into a cleantech company. Also find out what the key use cases and customers for these innovative technologies are, as well as how the companies are going to market and finding their customers. The conversation also touches on quantifying benefits that are hard to quantify, as well as identifying return on investment and navigating a long sales cycle. The two guests discuss their entrepreneurial journeys, upcoming key milestones, and what they hope to see in the blue tech space in the future.

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Peter talks to Dean of Ocean Diagnostics and Scott of MarineLabs about their oceantech companies and how their platforms can be used to protect the oceans, coastlines, and the humans that live near them.

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