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Origen Air Tackles Indoor Air Quality

In season two, episode three of Cleantech Talks, host and Alacrity Canada senior advisor Peter Van Der Gracht talks to Susan Blanchet (CEO) and Andrew Crawford (CTO) at Origen Air about their clean technology company, how their technology works to improve indoor air quality, and how their business operations have been affected by the COVID19 pandemic.

Origen Air is a BC-based clean technology company that works to monitor and improve indoor air quality in offices and other indoor spaces. Through the innovative use of genetically modified plants, the company has developed living air purification systems that remove toxins and help reduce energy costs. Susan’s background in law and environmental studies, combined with Andrew’s experience in economics, hospitality management, and the retail plant industry, have empowered the company to take on the ambitious goal of cleaning the air in indoor spaces.

In this episode of Cleantech Talks

Delve into the origin story of Origen Air and hear more about their “humanistic” business model that’s nature empowered. The company has developed products that can improve air quality in indoor spaces through the use of genetically modified plants that have a higher capacity for air purification. As a result of the COVID19 pandemic, they’ve also been able to create a second company called Origen Clean, offering probiotic fogging technology for better protection against harmful bacteria and viruses on indoor surfaces. Listen to the podcast episode to hear more about the entrepreneurial journey of these two co-founders, as well as Origen Air’s marketing strategies, customer focus, and opportunity for investors.

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Peter talks to Susan and Andrew of Origen Air about their cleantech startup and how its technology helps improve air quality in indoor spaces.

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