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Portfolio Spotlight


Swirltex builds custom wastewater treatment systems using their unique buoyancy-based membrane filtration method. Their technology can be used in a wide variety of applications to produce higher quality effluent at an increased production rate, enabling the reuse of certain types of wastewater.


The Swirltex system uses a distinctive flow pattern within a tubular membrane. Suspended solids, oils, and other contaminants are channeled away from the membrane surface allowing clean water to pass through the membrane pores easily, resulting in consistently clean and high quality water. Swirltex distinguishes themselves from competitors with their specialized method which enables them to process wastewater faster, producing cleaner water and using less energy in the process. Swirltex can also work in tandem with existing wastewater treatment systems to provide secondary wastewater treatment via a simple and convenient modular connection unit which makes their technology incredibly versatile.

Swirltex can help its users:

  • reduce energy consumption by over 60% compared with conventional treatment solutions
  • manage wastewater treatment needs through modular units that can be place when and where they’re needed
  • reduce costs from energy consumption and retrofitting infrastructure, while producing a reusable source of water
  • treat high strength waste to create high quality effluent
  • consistently treat or remove contaminants

Swirltex’s technology enables the treatment of various wastewater types that may otherwise not be treatable. By transforming wastewater into reusable water, the company’s technology is able to make more efficient use and of Earth’s finite freshwater resources. Swirltex also enables various resource extraction industries to treat water supplies and make them suitable for reuse in other applications.


Swirltex is located in Calgary, Alberta and services industries and customers throughout North America.


Swirltex works with water treatment plants and industries requiring wastewater treatment to produce a high quality reusable resource. Applications for the technology can be found in sectors such as oil and gas extraction, mining, forestry, agriculture, airport runoff lagoons, tailings pond treatment, industrial retrofits, and food and beverage producers. The company has also worked with rural and First Nations communities in Canada to help improve existing or planned infrastructure, ensuring compliance with safety and environmental standards.