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Raising Funds as a Cleantech Startup

In season three, episode two of Cleantech Talks, we host four of our cleantech portfolio company CEOs to talk about their experiences with raising funds in the cleantech sector. Susan Blanchet of Origen Air, Devesh Bharadwaj of Pani Energy, Christopher Naismith of Audette, and Julie Angus of Open Ocean Robotics share some of the lessons they’ve learned, strategies they’ve used, and the advice they’d give to other cleantech entrepreneurs in their fundraising journeys.

In this Episode of the Cleantech Talks Podcast

Our host, Sofie Campbell, talks to these four CEOs about raising funds from both dilutive and non-dilutive sources. The episode covers some of the funding programs they’ve had success with, which investment mechanisms have worked well and which haven’t, and what some of the strategies they’ve used to stay on top of the investment journey have been. We hear about the surprises they’ve had while raising pre-seed or seed funding, what their least favourite parts about raising are, and why thinking of the process like a sales cycle is incredibly helpful. The four guests also talk about what they wish they’d known before starting to raise, how to best make use of the feedback received from investors, particularly those that aren’t interested, and what flags to look out for.

Listen to the full episode to get all of the lessons these four CEOs have gathered throughout their fundraising.

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Susan, Devesh, Christopher, and Julie share their experiences as CEOs at the helm of cleantech companies that are raising pre-seed and seed round funding.

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