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Portfolio Spotlight

What is Daanaa?

Daanaa is the only chip-based technology that allows energy to be transferred freely, safely, and efficiently, medium free and in any AC-DC modalityThis remarkable accomplishment was achieved through rigorous research, cutting-edge engineering, and a shared passion for sustainability.  

What does Daanaa do?

With Daanaa‘s proprietary semiconductor technology, power travels medium free, wired or wireless through the air or via existing structures. Our technology allows both AC and DC modes and includes a built-in data transfer for monitoring. The result is improved efficiency of systems. 

Our chips are versatile and designed to integrate with any existing structure and can transfer through wood, plastics, glass, and others. Our solar panel integration brings 40% more power in adverse conditions, reducing energy costs by 30% and contributing incrementally to the reductions in GHG emissions. Lastly, Daanaa frees solar power systems from their conventional limitations allowing previously-unapplicable use cases possible. 

Why does Daanaa do what they do? 

Our purpose and passion are to create a world where humanity’s hunger for energy is satisfied sustainably through cutting-edge engineering hence our drive to redefine what’s possible for future generations. Our impact in solar power integration alone is significant, reducing GHG emissions by 520M kTCO2eq/y and supporting net zero efforts and energy security worldwide.

Where is Daanaa

Our head office is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are open to new business opportunities, partnerships and possibilities within multiple industries.

Who are our clients?

Our main clients are in the solar power, electric vehicles (EV) and battery management systems (BMS) industries. However, we are open to discover new opportunities if wireless power transfer can serve your needs.


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