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Portfolio Spotlight


Properate (formerly called Lambda Science) is a cleantech startup that utilizes artificial intelligence to help build more energy-efficient and cost-effective building designs. Its technology saves on construction and renovation costs while helping to create more sustainable and durable living environments.


Properate uses its proprietary Ai-powered technology to help homeowners quickly identify their renovation savings potential. A homeowner enters their address and within five minutes receives a preliminary energy evaluation assessment report with different pathways to renovation. This report helps homeowners save on energy bills, maximize their construction/renovation savings and reduce the carbon footprint of their home. Instead of focusing on the energy efficiency of individual building elements, like windows or insulation, Properate helps clients get detailed insights on how these elements interact. Then it finds the best combination of these elements to save the most energy.

Properate can help its users:

  • conduct fast, simple evaluations of the designs for planned or existing structures
  • get access to data about the development and construction of projects that they would otherwise not be able to access
  • outline exactly how each building element will contribute to energy usage throughout the structure
  • plan more cost-effective, energy-efficient building designs based on key insights from data in the construction sector

Properate seeks to debunk the myth that high-performance homes are more expensive to build by providing customers with science-based energy use projections quickly and easily. The company’s software can analyze a series of potential building designs to determine which design will be most efficient, or examine the design of existing structures to determine which one performs best at present.

Properate’s web-based interface enables construction professionals to input and assess designs within minutes, enabling them to make the most sustainable choices for their project from planning to construction of the building.


Founded in 2018 and based in Metro Vancouver, B.C., Properate works with customers throughout British Columbia and across Canada. The company’s technology can be applied to any residential low-rise building (houses, townhomes, apartments, etc.).


Properate services a wide range of clients, from governments of all sizes to homebuilders looking to build efficiently and responsibly. They have recently worked with clients like the City of Kelowna, the City of New Westminster, the City of Penticton, the City of Port Moody, and the City of Kamloops.